SRV Party Hall

SRV Party Hall

From corporate parties to social gatherings to family functions, SRV Party Hall provides the perfect setting and ambience for an optimum-sized group of people to have a great time. The Hall can accommodate up to 100 people comfortably without appearing cramped. This way, you do not have to rent a Kalyana Mantap or a star hotel which is a costly option and a redundant one when the gathering is small.

The Party Hall is done up in the traditional Malnad style of d├ęcor, and evokes images of luxurious bungalows in small towns.

We can take care of decorations and fun events through our Event Management partner Ogara Event Management.

Food for your party will be catered by Ogara Catering, a group company under SRV Solutions Inc. Ogara Catering also manages cafeterias in corporate campuses, techparks and colleges across Bangalore.

SRV Party Hall is the ideal venue for:

  • First Birthday celebration
  • Employee Felicitation Party
  • Informal Wedding Reception
  • Baby Shower (Seemantham)
  • Naming Ceremony
  • Thread Ceremony
  • Sangeeth/Mehendi Parties
  • Book Launch
  • School / College Alumni meet
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration
  • Music Lover Gatherings
  • Farewell / Promotion Party
  • And many more occasions