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Ogara serves high-quality, delicious, vegetarian cuisine to make every meal a rewarding experience for you. Ogara has a much larger vision that goes beyond just food. We believe in creating jobs and creating entrepreneurship using Food as the medium. We believe in caring, sharing, giving, and enriching the quality of our lives through human networks and food-entrepreneurs. These food-preneurs will become a part of the Ogara network, in a way similar to co-operative movements in the food or other industries.  

To achieve this vision, Ogara’s food business will be run like a Corporate company with clearly-documented manufacturing processes, high-tech assembly lines, a healthy environment, stringent quality standards and frequent quality audits. Quality will be the hallmark of the product. In addition to pursuing an ISO certification, we will also implement quality standards upheld by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) such as Agmark and BIS among others.

To reach a larger user base in a shorter period of time, we will explore innovative marketing techniques. Some of these techniques like door-to-door marketing, flash mobs and road shows leverage the power of word-of-mouth Marketing and builds better trust and credibility compared to high-decibel marketing campaigns.

This vision will require the co-operation of all the stakeholders such as investors, employees, vendors, customers and the Media; and we will create mechanisms for the same.

Ogara’s Food Business covers, or will cover with time, the following offerings:

  • Chain of Fine Dining Restaurants
  • Chain of Quick Service Restaurants
  • Campus Cafes
  • Mobile Catering and Food Trucks
  • Event Catering
  • Parcel services
  • Home catering
  • Boarding & Lodging
  • Party Halls and Party Lawns
  • Dwarakamai Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd – a group company which will manufacture and market Spice Mixes, Condiments and Ready-to-Eat snacks